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First ever blog post: June 23 - June 29

A little over half-way through my 365 project (a picture a day for an entire year), I was asked to join a 365 blog circle so, here I am, attempting to blog. Bare with me....

My name is Amanda and I have a wonderfully crazy, full life. I have been with my love, Nate, for about six years now, and have been for married to him for almost three of those. We sure have been given more than our fair share of hurdles thus far but in the end, we have come out more united and even more in love [too mushy? I don't care.]. We made a beautiful, silly, loving, helpful, sassy little girl from scratch almost five years ago. Yes, you read that right, FIVE. Time really does fly when you're having fun.

A little over two years ago now, we lost a baby [at 23 weeks gestation] due to severe health complications caused by Turner Syndrome. Since then, we've created a beautiful butterfly garden to bury her urn in and I've joined forces with some truly amazing women, on the Board of Directors for the Turner Syndrome Society of the United States. It has proven to be a very emotional, yet rewarding experience for me. If only there was more time in the day so I could keep up with everything I've got going on... Hmm, I'll work on that next I suppose.

My daughter, Mady, is very adventerous. She definitely did not get that gene from me. When given the chance to try something new, she's game. Every. Single. Time. No guts, no glory, right? Well, that's what my husbang taught her. This is a very small example but while helping me pull weeds in the garden [I think she's a union worker - she's very good at supervising], we came across three caterpillars. Me being too chicken to even touch one, convinced her that she should save them and move them off the weeds that we were pulling. Without hesitation, she went for it [with gloves on, of course]. She makes my heart melt.

Mady enjoys pretty much everything, except eating cooked broccoli and being asked to move a little faster [she seriously does everything slower than molasses]. Karoke to her fave Disney songs is definitely in the top five.

My husband is truly an amazing guy. He is so outgoing and a huge thrill seeker, and is usually pretty good at everything he does. Except cleaning. He sucks at that. He can make a pretty mean elk burger though. We'll call that redemption. ;)

Lately, Mady has been obsessed with super heroes and insists on wearing a cape/mask quite often, even when jumping in rain puddles.

Along with starting [no-score] softball this summer, Mady is a very well versed little human being. She has joined a kids snowmobile racing circuit, she rides a dirt bike [with training wheels, of course], she takes gymnastics and swimming lessons, and is starting Kindergarten in the Fall. I could not be more in love with such an amazing spirit.

Keep the circle going and see what the talented Channon Williamson has done this week!

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