365 Project: June 30 - July 6

My little one on her way into her second, week-long, day camp of the summer!

Last night of no-score softball = Dilly Bars + Medals. She was beside herself.

My husband's softball team showed up for their Thursday night game, but no one else did. Literally. Not a soul in the park. Someone missed a memo there, huh?

Mady got her five-year pictures done this week. Her birthday party's theme is "cowgirl" so her outfit was very fitting.

Attempting to capture fireworks from a rocking boat proved to be very difficult.

My husband keeps trying to teach our clumsy girl how to ride without training wheels; she's got the pedaling down.. That's somethin, right?

I love these fluffy looking lillies in our 'butterfly garden'. They are so lovely.

Keep the circle going and see what the amazing Jessica Mason has produced this week!

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