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365 Project: July 7 - July 13

Our garden has really started to bloom! Loved the look of this lily in the morning sunlight.

More flowers. :)

This week I travelled to Kansas City, Missouri for a board meeting (I'm the Fundraising Director on the Turner Syndrome Society Board of Directors) and national conference. This was the view from my hotel room. Amazing.

Friday was our first Chasing Butterflies walk at the national conference! It was a huge success.

The registration desk was constantly full of chaos and happy faces.

After four days of being away from my family, I came home and we had the pleasure of enjoying Sunday Funday on the lake, with one of Mady's friends. The girls had a blast and we caught some rays.

Our weekly dinner boat ride gave us a beautiful sunset sky on Monday. Lovin all those clouds!

Keep our circle going and check out what Jessica Mason was up to this week!

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