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365 Project: August 11 - August 17

For the past few days, she has NEEDED to wear a hat wherever she went. Leaving for daycamp this morning was no exception.

Splash pads are always entertaining.

For her birthday party, we gave away "Cowgirl Cookies" in a jar. We finally made a batch and they were absolutely delicious. Fun times were had in this little kitchen today.

Bedtime is serious business. Wait, what?

Roller skating. Wait. Roller blading. Wait. Roller slading?

"Towing" chalk on the back of her tricycle. Too cute.

My babe started her last camp of the summer today. This year at gymnastics camp, they're having a different theme each day. Today was superhero day. The only trick was finding a superhero costume that would always allow her to still be a gymnast. This was the winner.

Take a minute to keep our circle going and see what the amazing Jodie Byrne did this week!

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