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365 Project: August 18 - August 24

This guy is such a pain in my arse, but at least he's got a cute mug.. Right?

After Day 2 of gymnastics camp, she seems to be getting this handstand balance thing down pact!

My name is Amanda and I have a wonderfully crazy, full life. I have been with my love, Nate, for about six years now, and have been for married to him for almost three of those. We sure have been given more than our fair share of ups and downs but in the end, we have come out more united and even more in love [too mushy? I don't care.]. We made a beautiful, silly, loving, helpful, sassy little girl from scratch almost five years ago. Yes, you read that right, FIVE. Time really does fly when you're having fun. A little over two years ago now, we lost a baby [at 23 weeks gestation] due to severe health complications caused by Turner Syndrome. Since then, we've created a beautiful butterfly garden

Giant teddy bear, adorable little girl and great window light... Could you want anything more?

Beach-body-burying... Classic.

Yesterday was "Wacky Day" at gymnastics camp... It seems that at bedtime, a certain little someone took all of the "wacky" things out of her hair and put them in Arial's. Or we could just call it bed-head. Either way, Arial looks like a hot mess in the morning light.

My little cowgirl loved petting the horses at the horse races on Sunday.

One of the last blooming garden flowers... Beautiful. But that also means that Fall is on its' way in.

Take a minute to keep our circle going and see what the amazing Charity was up to this week!

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