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365 Project: August 25 - August 31

I live for this smile.

Wanted to focus in on some details today, so I snuck up close while she was sleeping. :)

My name is Amanda and I have a wonderfully crazy, full life. I have been with my love, Nate, for about six years now, and have been for married to him for almost three of those. We sure have been given more than our fair share of ups and downs but in the end, we have come out more united and even more in love [too mushy? I don't care.]. We made a beautiful, silly, loving, helpful, sassy little girl from scratch almost five years ago. Yes, you read that right, FIVE. Time really does fly when you're having fun. A little over two years ago now, we lost a baby [at 23 weeks gestation] due to severe health complications caused by Turner Syndrome. Since then, we've created a beautiful butterfly garden

Landed in San Diego, ready for an adventure!

First time seeing the ocean! This was immediately followed by my hubby and daughter holding hands, running in to the waves. <3

A full moon, overlooking the San Diego skyline. Beautiful.

Beach day!

"Don't get your dress wet!" Stinker.

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