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365 Project: September 1 - September 7

Flew back home last night, finished up with Kindergarten orientation and had to get a haircut for the first day of school TOMORROW!

Where has the time gone? The last two years of Preschool did not prepare me for this day... My baby is riding the bus to full-day Kindergarten. Bittersweet.

Second day of school and they've already got a line formed for the bus.

Quiet time. <3

Drove 2 1/2 hours away to shoot a wedding for a beautfiul couple today. The drive and high temps were well worth it. :)

Yesterday, while driving to shoot the wedding, I received a gut-wrenching call from my husband... He had found our 8 1/2 year old dog, Hitch, laying lifeless in the street, while out playing at the farm. Someone had hit him but there were no tires squealing or calls for help, they just cowardly fled the scene without thinking twice. My husband has lost his buddy, I lost my guard dog, and Mady lost her friend.

Today, we decided to bring some joy back into our house,and went on a six hour, round-trip drive, to bring home a new puppy. Here's a sunset from the drive.

Take a sec to keep our circle going and see what the wonderful Charity was up to this week!

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