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365 Project: October 6 - October 12

I guess Caesar wanted a juice box too.

Power went out so we got to stink up the house with lots and lots of smelly candles. Yum.

I think somebody jumped the gun a bit by tossing a Christmas book in our Little Free Library, at the beginning of October.

My awesome neighbor/friend gave me a mason jar filled with beautiful flowers this afternoon; I love how flowers can really brighten a room.

No, Mom, I did not eat my fruit loops like the dog.

Sunday-Funday always starts with hot tubbing.

My baby woke up with a fever, stuffy nose and body aches Monday morning. So intsead of school, we enjoyed movies, cartoons, books, and lots of snuggles.

Please keep our blog circle going and see what the wonderful Channon was up to this week!

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