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365 Project: October 13 - October 19

After waking up with a 102 degree fever yesterday, my baby girl was ordered to a day of R & R. She woke up this morning feeling quite a bit more like herself so, off to school she went!

Today was the first day of MEA break so we met some friends at a big, outdoor park and needless to say, Mady was a wee bit tired when we got home... Here she is, napping (the bulge in the background), but what I find hilarious is the MOUND of stuffed animals that she trades out for snuggle time every day. These were the "losers" today.

Tea party at a playdate with friends for Day 2 of MEA.

Today, Dad leaves us for four days. Hopefully we all make it out alive... ;)

Buppa came over this morning to do a little work on our never-ending basement remodel that we started over 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe this is the kick start we need to really get movin! Hey, one can dream, right?

A little light to the darkness.

Bedtime stories are always more fun with flashlights.

Keep our circle going and check out what the amazing Charity was up to this past week!

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