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365 Project: December 1 - December 7

Mady and her "boyfriend" are all bundled up, waiting for the bus.

Ironic that this little five year old had to wait over an hour to see the Doc at the Minute Clinic... At least we were able to get some antibiotics for her double ear infections. Hopefully she will be able to hear again very soon.

My name is Amanda and I have a wonderfully crazy, full life. I have been with my love, Nate, for about six years now, and have been for married to him for almost three of those. We sure have been given more than our fair share of ups and downs but in the end, we have come out more united and even more in love [too mushy? I don't care.]. We made a beautiful, silly, loving, helpful, sassy little girl from scratch almost five years ago. Yes, you read that right, FIVE. Time really does fly when you're having fun. A little over two years ago now, we lost a baby [at 23 weeks gestation] due to severe health complications caused by Turner Syndrome. Since then, we've created a beautiful butterfly garden

Morning sun flare over one of my favorite ornaments on the tree.

She leaves for school as the sun is rising and comes home when the sun is setting. I already miss the long, summer days.

Practicing the loop-swoop-pull method. She'll get it someday.

Second cycle of Clomid (AKA crAAAAzy pills) complete. Just waiting on a baby........

Trying to sound out the word 'they' can be frustrating for a Kindergartener.

Please keep our small circle going and go see what Channon captured this week!

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