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365 Project: December 22 - December 28

Mady and I saw the Wizard of Oz play at the Children's Theatre this week; they put on an incredible show!

Minnie-Elf had to do something a little crazy for her last day with us; she chose skydiving!

Mady and Papa played this gigantic Jenga game for quite a while on Christmas Eve. The only problem is that when it falls, you'd better watch your toes!

We had a wonderfully relaxing Christmas day.

Restocking the cupboards.

We got a little snow so Mady had to go sledding behind the tractor. Dad is such a good sport.

Since Mady is on Winter Break from school, we got to have dinner with nana & Papa (amongst others) at Maynard's this week.

For the last time this year, please look at Channon's blog too!

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